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University of Virginia Masters in English. Have lived in Argentina, Panama, Delaware, Virginia, California, NYC, and New Jersey for the last 25 years. Former editor and manager at McGraw-Hill, former President of Gay Activist Alliance of NJ, founder of NJ ActUp, and North Jersey Community Research Initiative (NJCRI) in Newark.

Shutdown in New Jersey

In an article today the NY Times indicates that New Jersey is on the low end of the spectrum of the number of federal employees per 100,000 residents. Washington, DC is hit the hardest with 986 per 100,000. That seems…
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Trump: A lesson Learned?

So much was already known about Donald Trump prior to his candidacy that he should have been knocked out of the running before he got started. The Mueller and forthcoming House investigations will soon reveal more of Trump’s many misdeeds. However, the…
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